2024 Season Registrations now open




Registrations for the 2024 NAB AFL Auskick Season are now open!
Registrations for the 2024 Junior/Youth Football Season are now open!

In 2024 the Eagles will be providing Auskick (Pre-Primary to Year 2) and will be fielding teams in Years 3, 5, 6, 7 and 10.

Please use the links below to register.

For Auskick (years pre-primary to year 2) click here

For Juniors (mod) (years 3 to 10) click here.

Please also note that payment MUST be made online at the time of registration. If you are registering for KidSport this needs to be done and approved prior to completing your registration.  If you wish to enter into a payment plan you will need to complete the Payment Plan Agreement Form listed below.

If you want to discuss registration/payment options – please do not register online but attend Registration Day where we can better assist you.


Auskick is for boys and girls aged 5-8 years old. In WA your child must be turning 5 by the 1 July to participate.
Register by clicking here. 


Auskickers Transitioning to Junior (Mods) Club Footy

If your child has previously played Auskick (at any club), please register here. 

Required Documents:

Auskickers transitioning to Juniors (Mods) need to submit a transfer request form – permit/clearance form.

Auskickers transferring from another club are not required to request a transfer. Just register as per the AFL Auskick or Auskickers Transitioning to Junior (Mods) Club Footy processes detailed above.

Junior (Mods) Club Footy

Mods (Junior) Club Footy is for boys and girls in Years 3-6 and is modified rules played on Sundays.

Please register here. 

Players transferring from another club (excluding Auskick)

Players transferring from other clubs (excluding Auskick) are required to apply for a Player Transfer. The transfer must be approved by your current club. All transfers need to be requested by the club you are transferring to.

There are 3 types of Player Transfers including Clearances, Type 2 Permits and Match Day Permits. 

The most common player transfers are Clearances. These are permanent transfers for when a player is moving clubs. 

Type 2 Permits
These are temporary transfers for when a player wants to play with another club for a single season or part of a season. From and To dates are required.

Match Day Permits
These are temporary transfers for a single match only. Match date is required.

A clearance/permit must be obtained for all players requesting to change clubs. Please follow the following steps to start your transfer. 

Please email the registrar at [email protected] the following details and we will start the transfer process for you.

  • Player first name
  • Player surname
  • Player date of birth
  • Player Footyweb Number (if known)
  • Club transferring from
  • Reason for transfer (change of address, new school, unsatisfied at old club, wish to play with friends, no team in my age group, Other – please provide reasons)
  • Email address

The email address you supply will receive the Online Transfer Registration Form that is required to register with EWJFC and will be sent once the transfer is approved by your previous club.

Player transfers can take up to a couple of weeks to be completed. Please ensure you allow enough time for your transfer to be processed. 





Club policy is that a mouthguard must be worn by every player at all times on the football ground.  It is parents responsibility to ensure that the mouthguard is worn.  It is not the responsibility of the Coach or Edgewater Woodvale JFC to ensure the mouthguard is worn.  If the Coach is made aware that a player is not in possession of a mouthguard, then the Coach must not allow that child to play for the remainder of the game or until such time as they have a mouthguard to wear/use.

Mouthguards can be purchased from the Chemist or professionally fitted by your Dentist or specialised mouthguard fitters.



Edgewater Woodvale JFC does not recommend the use of helmets for training or games.

EWJFC adopts the AFL Position Statement on the wearing of helmets. The AFL is a world leader in research on head injuries and their prevention and released a statement in 2012 following much consideration. EWJFC supports this approach and encourages all parents to read the AFL documents in this regard: AFL Management of Concussion.

However, the wearing of helmets is an individual decision and EWJFC will support any player that chooses to wear a helmet. For any child that requires headgear EWJFC will need to  obtain approval from Northern Conference / Falcons District each year. This approval can take several weeks to be processed.

Please contact the Eagles Registrar [email protected] with the details.

Until approval has been processed, players will not be able to wear headgear. 


If your child will be playing up or down a year (outside of the standard age for that school year) EWJFC need to obtain approval from the District each year. This approval can take several weeks to be processed.

Players may be granted permission to play down an age level where a legitimate reason exists such as physical capacity or disability. Players seeking exemption need to provide relevant medical evidence for assessment by the controlling body. If no relevant medical evidence can be provided, the controlling body will determine the application for exemption as it sees fit, fully considering the circumstances presented.

The AFL policy acknowledges the principal role of the parent or guardian in determining if a player should play in a higher age competition than the one determined by the player’s chronological age. Players should only be permitted to play up an age level when their physical capacity and social sense enable them to compete adequately at the higher age level. The decision whether a player should play up beyond the two-year age span should be based on the advantages to be gained by the player. Prior to a player participating in a competition outside the recommended two-year age span, the player’s parent or guardian must sign a consent form.

Please contact the Eagles Registrar [email protected] with the details.

Until approval has been received players will not be able to play up or down a year an age level. 

KidSport Online Registration Click HERE

Payment Details:
Account Name: Edgewater Woodvale Junior Football Club
Account Number: 066166 
BSB: 1113 2921