Our Life Members have helped grow our club from humble beginnings to what it is today.

Meet our


All community clubs rely on volunteers to operate and are only able to thrive when they have dedicated people working together to help the club.

Life members are a special kind of people who have helped to build our Club to what it is today. These people show by example how a successful Club like ours, can achieve such high standards in all facets of junior football.

The criteria for nomination are a significant contribution in single or varied roles, in time and effort to our Club, over a prolonged period. 

Life members of the Edgewater Woodvale  Junior Football Club are a small and special part of our membership. The persons listed below have been honoured with a life membership to our Club.

We thank them for their loyal and dedicated service and their important contribution in the journey to making our Club what it is today.

Honorary Life Members

Andrea Mitchell
Jan Henrik Norberger
Darryl Sanders
Dave Burton
David Crute
Andrew Ridley

Life Members

Gary Meredith
Steve Fisher
Gary McWhirter
Gavin Miller
Ian Spackman
Lee Scott
Ian Askwith
Neil Fazey
Paul Bradshaw
Karen Ryan
Bruce Nind
Tony Baeli
Rob Wilding
Gavin Piggott
Phill Carey 
Claire Farrow
Adam Elliot
Haydn Farrow